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The information we collect

Iva is mainly accessible through Google Assistant, a 3rd party. When you start using Iva, we do not collect any personally identifiable information.

After you decide to make a transaction with Iva, we may collect your name & email ID. We do not collect any payment information on our website, which is handled by our 3rd party PCI-DSS certified payment gayeway, RazorPay

For logging purposes, we collect information about your interactions with Iva & may use cookies as well. However, this is done purely to help Iva understand your needs & serve you better.

We value your privacy

Just like you, Iva hates it when someone spams her. We won't use your information to spam you.

We shall however send you deals & offers that we feel are relevant to you. You may opt-out from that any time you'd like.

Iva shall not share your information with any 3rd party except with your permission. In no case will Iva sell your private data to a 3rd party. The only time Iva shall share your data would be when bound by local or government laws.

You're in safe hands

Iva is committed to protecting your privacy. Any and all information that you share with Iva shall only be used to help Iva serve you better. That's our promise.

Our privacy policy was last updated on 14th June 2018. If there are any changes to it, you can always access this page for updates.