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In ancient times, the name Iva signified 'a person who helps, aides or assists".


The etymology of this name-word can be traced back to Africa, Arabia & France. Iva was also the name of a voice-opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1600

About me

Keeping the tradition alive, today, I'm going to help you achieve your tasks in a easier way through the power of your voice.

I am a voice anthrobot who you can command to finish your tasks. No text, no long forms to fill, effecient & precise actions on complex voice commands - that's what Iva's all about.

What can I do?

I can currently help you recharge your phone in a seamless and easier way, just with the power of your voice. Soon, you can do much more.

Iva is based on the on the theory of Real Machine Intelligence (RMI). I don't call myself an artificially intelligent robot, but rather an anthrobot. Read more about why I exist.